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5 Ways to Show Off Your Personality on Social Media

Social media platforms were created primarily as a way to connect with people, as a way to be social online without being in the same vicinity. However, with the increased popularity of social media and the ways you can promote your business with these platforms, some business owners forget about the ‘social’ part of social media and use it as a free advertising platform. Most business owners thinks they can post it and forget it.

It’s been proven by experts that people will spend their money with those they know, like, and trust. But if all you’re doing is posting photos of your product or hyping your service or your signature program, you’re not allowing anyone to know you. If your followers don’t know who you are, it’s impossible for them to genuinely like you and your simultaneously hindering the trust factor.

So, show off your personality with your social media posts. Let the real you shine through and you will naturally attract your tribe of followers. Here are 5 ways to spice up your social media posts with some personality:

1. Act like you’re the hostess and your followers are at your party. When hosting a party, you want everyone to be happy and having a good time, right? The same is true on social media platforms. Don’t just hang out on your page; visit other pages and leave comments. Ask your followers questions. Really listen to their answers. Respond to questions or comments that are asked of you. Be compassionate and friendly. Offer friendly advice when asked.

2. Share your sense of humor and be entertaining. Search YouTube for the videos that strike your funny bone. Better yet, get on Facebook Live and showcase your personality. This doesn’t mean acting fake because you want people to be entertained; rather, be yourself and tell the funny thing your kid said or relay something comical that happened at work. Everybody can use a laugh and posting videos or funny photos is a way to lighten the online atmosphere.

3. Provide value and inspiration. Talk about your business and let your passion shine but let it be more than, “Buy my services!” Your audience wants to know what’s in it for them; how will your services benefit or help them. Do you have the solution to their problems?  It’s not you are making sales; it’s about helping them find solutions. Share your favorite inspirational quotes, especially around the holidays, which can be a tough time of year for some folks.

4. Don’t just talk about your services and/or products. Spend some time letting your audience know why your service and/or products can help them. Do tutorials or how-to videos. Ask your current clients for testimonial videos, show your current clients that they can trust you.

5. Give your audience a little piece of you. I love to cook, so I often share my cooking skills in my stories. When people get to know a little piece of you, it makes it easier for them to like and trust you.

Let me know if this was helpful.