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Don’t Be a Copycat; Create Your Own Path

By now you probably have figured out that I’m a big believer in creating low end products for your coaching business. There are plenty of coaching gurus who tell you to go after the high end clients and you might think you can’t get those clients without offering high end products.

But let’s think about it this way…does a high end client start off as a high end client? Or does that high end client start off as a low end client who increases her earnings year after year to eventually become a high end client?

Food for thought.

Your own coaching success won’t be based on how other coaches structure their businesses. Your success is directly correlated to the amount of work you put in, the products you create, and the way you market yourself. Take control of your own destiny and make your business choices based on what YOU feel is the right move.

Just because Coach A is basing her clientele around that high end demographic and doesn’t offer products doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Yes, be aware of your competition and what they’re doing in their business but do things your own way.

Be original. Identify your target market and their pain points. Jot down their demographics and where that audience can be found online. Ask them what types of products they would like to see or that they desperately need. Plan your pricing based on what your market can handle as opposed to your own monetary goals.

What Types of Products Can Coaches Offer?

You’re only limited by your own creativity but some of the easiest products to create are ebooks, workbooks, ecourses, and recurring revenue sites. They should be easy to create because you’re using your own expertise and experience to create these. No need for expensive ghostwriters or a team of researchers.